less annoying when dead

i like to annoy jenn a lot. just stupid things like tickling her when she’s tired and wants to fall asleep, she hates that. sometimes she gets pretty pissed and i usually reply in an even more annoying know-it-all tone that one day i’ll be dead, and then she’ll miss all the annoying things i used to do. i mean, being annoying is one of the unfortunate ways that i show people i care, and even if she doesn’t appreciate that, i figure she will at least miss the routine of it all.

but a few days ago, the thought occurred to me that maybe she won’t miss me being annoying at all. maybe when i die, she’ll breathe a heavy sigh of relief and say, “thank christ i can finally get to sleep without having to deal with the same old stupidity, night after night.” maybe, at least in that one sense, she’ll be grateful that i’m dead and gone. i wonder how she’ll feel about it. but i guess i’ll never know since i’ll be dead then.

the things we will miss out on when we die.

“he sure won’t be doing any tickling now. is that his face?”


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