adventures in used car shopping

yesterday i went car shopping with liz. we looked at two cars, and they were both crap.

“mechanic’s special. needs some TLC.”

the first one was a tercel being sold by a girl who went by the name ivy, although her actual name was carmen or something. this caused considerable confusion when ivy/carmen’s landlord answered the door and had no idea who we were looking for. turned out ivy/carmen was in the suite but we never actually met her because she was still sleeping at 1130 am. her bf eventually woke up though so he came out. he told us the car was great, lots of pep, ran great, must have a new engine, blah blah blah. he also told us that he worked on cars, and had changed the alternator belt — wow, impressive. nice work. he didn’t mention how someone so mechanically inclined could neglect all other care of the car. i mean, it was a steaming turd — oil leaks, bad CV axle, rough shifting in the automatic trans, reeked of cigarette smoke, stained seats, full of various garbage. too tired to clean it before we showed up, i guess. so we passed on the tercel, obv.

it wasn’t quite this bad but you get the idea.

then we looked at a civic being sold by a mechanic at canadian tire. ‘canadian tire mechanic’ already made me wary and the guy wound up being exactly what i imagined: half-assed. he said he had bought the car to fix up and sell so he had done some work on it, like the timing belt, radiator, and tires. but the engine had some pretty big oil leaks and the ‘check engine’ light was on so we asked about those. he said it leaked oil like any high kms engine, and the check engine light was for either the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter. but here are my problems with those statements: those things can be fixed, and he’s a mechanic with a shop. so why didn’t he fix them while he was doing the other work? why do some shit and then stop there? plus, he said he had never insured the car or driven it regularly, so no, he wasn’t really familiar with it and no, we couldn’t test drive it. instead, he drove us around the parking lot in it. what a salesman. and on top of that, it had tons of scrapes and dents all over. basically, this mechanic had bought a beater to fix and sell, did a half ass job, and was now selling it as just slightly less of a beater. fuck off.

i’ve got to be more discerning when looking at car ads. i don’t want to fuck around with any more lazy, shiftless motherfuckers.


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