why i hate sunrises

i just finished a grueling night shift at work. the sun was coming up just before we finished, and it gave me its usual feeling of dread. most often when i see the sunrise, it’s because i’ve been up all night and am tired as fuck and really want to go to bed. at those times, i know i will end up wasting a good portion of the next day sleeping, and will feel fucked up and out of it because of my messed up sleep schedule. or seeing the sunrise means i’ve gotten up way too early and will be tired again in about an hour but won’t be able to sleep because i’ll be busy doing something crappy like marathon driving. in short, sunrise usually means you’re going to feel like shit today, david, and i hate that.

i’ll take a sunset over a sunrise any day. it’s easier to catch, just as beautiful, bittersweet because it’s so pretty yet denotes the end of something, and i don’t feel all fucked up and disoriented after seeing it.

fuck sunrises.




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