FHRITP is for drunk frat boy misogynists who think quoting year-old internet phenomenons that aren’t funny, is funny

i just saw a video where a reporter at a soccer game is interviewing someone, and then some drunk douchebags pop in and say “fuck her right in the pussy.” she doesn’t like it and confronts them, asking them what they find so funny about it and if they realize how offensive it is to women. the drunk douchebags don’t care and continue to yuk it up, thinking they’re pretty hilarious. here is said video.

i can’t believe that anyone thinks this is acceptable, let alone funny. and of course, if you make the mistake of looking through the youtube comments you’ll see a surprising amount of support for the douchebags. apparently one of them lost their job over the fiasco, and some supporters think that’s stupid, that an employer has no right to discriminate against douchebags.

but instead of shouting FHRITP into tv cameras, would any of those same scum shout fuck black people up the ass or fuck muslims right in the mouth? would any youtube twits support them then? of course not. the douchebags would get their asses kicked in about 10 seconds and THEN lose their jobs, and no one would cry foul. no one in their right mind would say that stuff or condone others saying it because everyone knows that it’s offensive as all hell to the disadvantaged groups who have already endured centuries of bullshit — every reasonable person knows that shit would not fly.

so why should women be expected to take it?

the whole world (me included) is so desensitized to misogyny that it makes me want to puke.


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