i hate lyric videos

i don’t know if this trend is limited to the metal scene but for years now, bands have been releasing “official lyric videos” to their songs. these generally consist of shitty CGI and some glorified karaoke-lyrics-with-a-bouncing-ball popping onto the screen in dramatic ways as if to really hit home how EXCITING and POWERFUL the lyrics are.

i’ve never liked them. i’d rather look at a blank screen or do something else, like bake or do dishes, instead of staring open-mouthed, waiting for each word to blast onto the screen so i can see just how seriously the singer meant it. i guess part of the problem is that all of the lyric videos i’ve seen have fucking lousy lyrics. here’s the latest example i just stumbled across.

crappy lyrics, crappy predictable song structures, crappy clean vocal/hardcore vocal interplay. pure fucking shit. all that remains, go back to the drawing board and create something original or shut up and disappear.

i wonder if this is a metal thing. that would make sense to me since so many of the bands i see doing it have supposedly ‘brutal’ vocals (they aren’t truly brutal in the slightest bit) that are sort of difficult to understand sometimes. but i just searched youtube for ‘official lyric video’ and it looks like losers of all genres are doing it. curious. is it a marketing thing, trying to get teenagers to sing along with their songs more, to really hook them? i don’t know. and i don’t really care. i don’t think anything is going to change how i feel about lyric videos. they all suck shit.

i’d like to see a lyric video for some old cannibal corpse or carcass or cryptopsy songs, something so far from marketable that i didn’t feel like someone was trying to sell me their schtick or image. i’d rather just be shocked and appalled. that would be way more interesting.

ah, this is much better. truly brutal music and lyrics, and no lame CGI.


One thought on “i hate lyric videos

  1. ooh, I know this one. They are popular because there is an adobe Premiere plugin that makes it super easy to do. Seriously, anyone with a computer and like 40 minutes can make one. Pretty much, if I see one of these, I know the drummer made it on some lazy Sunday afternoon and called it “art”

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