mystery machine

yesterday, jenn’s computer fucked up. it wouldn’t stay connected to the internet. it kept saying ‘limited connectivity’ or something like that. i looked that up on our other computer, which was still working fine, and found that the problem was probably something to do with the IP address. never mind that i don’t even actually know what an IP address is, i just know the term from hearing it a million times.

so i fucked around, confirming all the settings on the bad computer were correct. i probably spent 20 minutes, maybe half an hour on it. finally i just unplugged our router/modem for 30 seconds, plugged it back in, and everything has worked peachy since. great, all is well now, right?

wrong. now i’m even more unhappy.


i talked to bill about it and he said that something like 92% of computer problems are solved by unplugging things and plugging them back in. that really bothers me because it tells me that our devices are poorly made and fuck up all the time but rather than fix the root of the problems or make better devices, we’re ok with stuff that mostly works. like, “how’s the new laptop coming, ralph?” “not bad boss, but it occasionally and randomly disconnects itself from the internet and refuses to reconnect.” “good enough.”

considering how many versions and innovations there are in various electronics — computers, tablets, cell phones, smart phones, digital cameras, etc — you think the designers would have figured all of the annoying bugs out by now. it’s not like each device is reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch. there is so much overlap between all these things that after all these years, i don’t think there’s any excuse for shoddy devices that routinely freeze or otherwise fuck up, and need to be unplugged or have their batteries removed. that’s base, that’s caveman shit. it’s unacceptable.

i just want things to work.


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