summer starts tomorrow but i’m ready to pull the plug on it today

jenn and i are going on a big road trip at the end of the summer and it’s going to be awesome. we’re going to head east to the rockies and see some shit there, visit friends along the way, then see dinosaur bones and hoodoos in alberta, then head down to montana and wyoming to see glacier and yellowstone national parks, then head back west through idaho and washington. we’re going to see and do so much awesome stuff, that i just want to sleep through all of this bastardly hot weather and get to the pleasantly warm, feel-good sunsets of september.

i think i made almost the same post last year. here it is. i basically bitched about how i get so pumped for the end of summer that i want to hurry through it, even if i’m having a great time in it. so far this one is going the same way. we’ve done a few nice summer things with friends so far and haven’t even gotten into the bowels of the season yet. i’m sure it’s going to be another great one…

…but that road trip at the end of it and all the dried up little ghost towns and golden light  and wicked sights and the general children of the corn-vibe is going to be the highlight of summer, no doubt.

oh no. i’m getting my hopes up. that’s a bad sign. i better rein it in before i end up coming home disappointed and blogging about what a shitty letdown the trip was.

i guess it will be ok, maybe. i don’t know. probably not.


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