every band i read about lately has a sad, sad story

i grew up listening to simon and garfunkel. i’ve always liked their stuff but never really knew much about their history so the other day, i did some reading. turns out those two childhood friends and former best pals just can’t get along, and haven’t been able to for years. decades, actually. they’ve had numerous public squabbles, like bratty kids, and even exchanged barbs on stage at awards ceremonies. that really blew me away and crushed the happy impression i had of them. i always thought they just started doing solo stuff mutually, for a change, for fun. no hard feelings. boy, was i wrong.

total bullshit

since then, i’ve read about various other bands that i never knew the history of, bands who came across as unified and brotherly/sisterly, and i’ve been shocked at how sordid the real history is behind each one — sly and the family stone, creedence clearwater revival, tears for fears, the pixies. there are many others i can’t think of right now.

i wonder why artists have such a hard time getting along with each other, why they often end up ruining the good thing they have going. it seems crazy that more bands don’t just keep happily doing what they’re already happily doing till they retire, or just politely say to each other, “you know what, sam? this isn’t working for me anymore. i’m just not happy. i think we should split.” i assume drugs and alcohol play a big role in a lot of these situations.

it’s a shame. i wish people could communicate and get along better, especially those who often display their abilities for complex personal insights. maybe they’re great on paper but less so in real life.


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