leave me alone.

i’ve been turning off my phone more and more lately, and it feels really good.

i seek peace and harmony.

i started doing it because i hate getting calls and texts when i’m sleeping. i don’t care if i’m sleeping in the middle of the day like a lazy prick. that’s what i want to do, and i don’t like things stopping me from doing what i want to do. like phone calls from telemarketers and texts that are not time-sensitive, like hi buddy, i think you should give immortal’s ‘sons of northern darkness’ album a few more spins before writing it off. sure ben, i’m game for that — after i’m done sleeping during the day like a vampire.

wow, 3 missed calls.

from there, my new habit started spreading. sometimes when jenn and i are doing something nice together, i don’t want to hear from anyone. sometimes when i’m playing tetris, i don’t want to talk to anyone. sometimes when i’m lying on the floor staring into the abyss of self-loathing, i don’t want to talk to anyone. so my phone is off more and more. and it’s freeing. because normally when i hear it ring, i feel like i should answer promptly, or at least look at it to see who is contacting me. but i don’t even like that miniscule amount of guilt. i don’t want to feel any guilt, especially so frequently and over something so stupid. i don’t owe my phone anything.

i guess you could argue that i owe whoever is contacting me the courtesy of answering them right then, but fuck that. with texts and emails and phone calls and tweets and facebook messages and hashtags and snap chats, i think we have allowed ourselves to become thoroughly inundated with constant contact with virtually everyone we know, and i think that’s ridiculous. everyone has to draw the line somewhere, and this is where i’m drawing it.

that being said, i think i’m way more prompt getting back to people than most people i know. probably because of all the snap chats and shit they have to catch up on. i even listened to sons of northern darkness last night, shortly after ben’s text. it wasn’t bad but i didn’t get a hard-on over it.


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