a note to karaoke DJ’s everywhere

last night was curtis’s birthday. happy birthday, curtis! to celebrate, a bunch of us went to upper deck sports bar in victoria for karaoke. i put in lots of requests and the place wasn’t very busy yet somehow, over the course of 2 and 1/2 hrs, i only got to sing one song. same with steph.

meanwhile, some people there sang several times — including the karaoke dj himself.

i love karaoke, so this really chaps my ass. i don’t go to a fucking dive of a sports bar with all its rodent shitbag clientele for the atmosphere. i go to sing some fucking tunes with my pals. we pay money for food and drinks so we can do just that, and in turn, the dj running karaoke is getting paid to facilitate our wishes: they are supposed to get us up there to sing songs. so when the dj is a self-indulgent asshole who is not only getting paid but also using that valuable customer karaoke time to sing his own fucking 6-minute alice in chains songs 3 and 4 times a night, i think it’s inexcusable.

let me make a comparison. imagine my friends and i paid to go swimming at a pool but the lifeguard working there said “hang on, i want to swim first,” and made us wait. then the lifeguard let us in the pool for a few minutes, then kicked us out, and hopped back in themselves for the rest of the time the pool was open.

that’s what the karaoke dj did last night, and it’s fucking bullshit, obv.

if the place is dead and no one wants to sing, go to town, of course. you’re not short-changing anyone then. but when paying customers want to sing motherfucking karaoke, give them the motherfucking microphone.

karaoke dj’s, know your place. you are a service provider. don’t give your customers a lousy experience because you’d rather be a customer than a service provider that night. come in on your fucking night off if you want to sing. we did.

david finish blog post, but david still ANGRY.


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