mcgregor is smart. his fans are stupid.

i don’t hate conor mcgregor. his schtick got old the second he started doing it (which was only several fights after he joined the UFC — he was confident before this but never pulled any of the ridiculous hyperbole or ‘i’m a wild man’ stuff) so i can’t stand to listen to him, but conor knows that this phony loud-mouthed, brash, ignorant character he has created is a huge marketing hit, so he’s running with it. i can’t hold that against him. i might do the same thing if i stood to make hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars from it. and he is a great fighter, there is no doubt. #3 featherweight? now that’s still pretty dubious considering who he has fought so far, but he’s very good, for sure.

throwing darts at, tearing up, and eating a picture of his opponent. wow, this guy must be crazy.

i think what bothers me the most about mcgregor are the legions of idiots following him, eating up his pathetic bravado and lies. grabbing the belt from the champion, leering in the champ’s face, eating a picture of the champ in a pub, talking about riding into the champion’s town on horseback and slaughtering him like the peasant he is…this is really stupid stuff. this is WWE stuff. some people might find it entertaining and i guess that’s fine even though i think it’s trash, but a lot of people actually believe this shit. they believe mcgregor when he says he is without a doubt the best fighter in the world, despite having only one win over an impressive opponent so far. they believe him when he says that aldo backed out of the championship fight because he was scared to fight mcgregor, despite doctors and x-rays confirming aldo had a fractured rib and was unable to fight.

good grief.

now UFC is trying to promote mcgregor’s fight with chad mendes for the interim featherweight title, and mendes is getting sucked into mcgregor’s silly antics as well, as shown below. their exchange starts around the 3:00 mark.

i wonder why sane people don’t call conor on his bullshit more instead of responding to whatever absurd things he’s saying at the moment. if i were an interviewer or an opponent of mcgregor’s, i would disregard his “i’m going to tear him limb from limb” stuff and seek honest, bullshit-free answers to questions like

  • how can mcgregor claim to be the best when his last fight was against a man who was then ranked like #13?
  • what about the fact mcgregor has yet to face a top 3 contender?
  • what about the fact mcgregor has only 5 fights in the UFC, while all his other wins are over totally unknown men?
  • what about the fact aldo was actually not cleared to fight, and does in fact have a fractured rib? if mcgregor is so supremely confident in his skills, wouldn’t he want the champion in good health for their fight so there could be no doubt that, if mcgregor won, his win would be legitimate and not the result of fighting a handicapped opponent?

of course no one would be able to get a straight answer out of mcgregor. he would continue saying whatever it takes to get his minions all fired up, but it sure would be nice if someone would actually address these obvious inconsistencies that undermine everything he says.

maybe i should get a twitter account.

“hi, mr mcgregor? this is david. i just wanted to tell you are very good at giving the people what they want. it’s just unfortunate that what the people want is pro-wrestling drama and bullshit. also, as it stands you are talented but still a fraud. i want to see some wins over serious opponents to legitimatize your ridiculous claims. cheerio then.”


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