email to bill

hi billy. have you seen pics on fb of how yellow and smoky it is here? it’s so fucked up. it looks like an instagram filter. it’s because of some big forest fires here on the island. it makes me feel like that ‘a is for apocalypse’ story because looking out the window is surreal and frightening. i was going to take a pic for you but i figure everyone else is already doing it.

yesterday, i went to the fish ladders with liz, gen, matt, and spencer, and the river was incredibly low. it was as low as its been at the end of a hot summer, but it’s the start of july. and there’s no rain in the forecast. it honestly has me really worried because we’re already at the max water restrictions and drought conditions, but it’s going to be months before temps drop or we see any rain. i wonder what’s going to happen, how bad is it going to get. i wonder if we’ll have to buy bottled water from elsewhere because our taps are going to go dry. i wonder if we’re going to end up with fires around here.

it sucks because going to the fish ladders is supposed to be really fun and nice but it mostly just caused me concern because i kept looking at how low the water was. i almost wish i was working so that i had less time to worry.

the funny thing is that last summer was also hot and dry, but not till much later in the season so i didn’t really care, and i wound up having one of the best summers of my life despite the weather. but so far this summer i’ve been mostly miserable, worried about my back and water levels and fire dangers. 2015 is the worst!

i got your pics but they’re really weird. there was two of your parents getting stuff out of the car, and a few of you making faces. i thought they were going to be of your folks standing in front of things. i liked your second face the best, it was less obviously a weird face.

ok i have to go worry myself to sleep for the rest of summer now. night night.



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