i don’t want to steal music anymore but $10 is a lot for 8 mp3’s

i just found a new artist that i’m pumped on. it’s author and punisher and it’s really slow, heavy, industrial nihilism. riley described it as ‘joyless’ and ‘anti-humanism,’ which i thought was apt as all hell. here’s one of their tunes.

now, i’ve been thinking for quite a while about the state of the music industry and illegal music downloading. i totally oppose illegal downloading because i know how much work goes into writing songs, recording them, and getting them out to the public. it’s bullshit for anyone to invest that much time, money, and effort into something just to have every motherfucker take it for free.

but i’m cheap, and this is the way the world has been working for quite some time now, so i’ve been doing it too. i’m one of the motherfuckers, and i’m ashamed of it and want to change.

so after getting so psyched on author and punisher, i thought this is a good opportunity to start paying for shit i want. besides, since no one has to press CDs and artwork and ship them around the world, an album’s worth of music should be substantially cheaper than it used to be. plus most of the music i dig is not associated with fat cat record labels looking to recoup various investment costs through bloated pricing. double cheap, right?

well, i just checked and to download author and punisher’s melk an honing album, it’s going to cost me $10.16 canadian. with no physical printing, no shipping, and no big labels behind it, that seems like a lot to me.


too much!

i guess i always bought used CDs, which were substantially cheaper, and that was many years ago so i guess i need to account for inflation too. shit.

i need to sleep on this one.


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