it always comes back to kids.

i often hear people say that they don’t want to have kids because the world is a shit hole and it’s only getting worse. i totally understand that. i think it’s a shit hole too.

we’re fucked

but i’m not positive it’s any worse now than it has been throughout all of human history. think of all the uncertain times and global fears that humanity has faced over time. the nazis, the black plague, the fall of the roman empire and the subsequent dark ages, the threat of nuclear war, etc. and when we were hunter/gatherers, i’m sure each day was a gamble, a struggle to find food without getting eaten by a bear or cougar. so i think basically every generation of mankind has felt pretty scared about what tomorrow would look like too. but life goes on, one way or another.

riley once told me that there’s never a convenient time to have kids, that there will always be university to work through and pay off, houses and cars to buy, careers to focus on, and endless other shit that you can use as an excuse to not have kids. so if you want to have them, you just have to go for it and make the best of it. i’ve always liked that, and basically agree with him. sure, if you still haven’t kicked your crippling drug or alcohol addiction you might want to hold off on kids, but besides that kind of stuff, i think we imagine or create most of our own obstacles.

i’m not saying the next few generations of kids won’t have some real challenges to face. water wars and food scarcity are two big ones. asian countries already buy north american land for farming and then ship the food back to asia because they don’t have the space to grow the stuff back there. you can imagine the tension that creates with north american farmers. that’s only going to get worse over time. and i recently watched interviews with the mayor of las vegas where she acknowledged the dire water crisis they and california are facing, and the extreme measures that will be necessary to combat it — measures that don’t actually fix the problem, measures that only shift the problem to someone else’s backyard. people don’t like to talk about this stuff but don’t kid yourself. things are getting tight now and they can only get tighter as the increasing population #s put more stress on the already stressed systems.

i guess i’m really on the fence on this one. fear of tomorrow isn’t the reason i’m not having kids, but i can understand why other people might feel that way. maybe if i really entertained the thought of having kids before shutting the idea down, then fear of tomorrow would be the reason i wouldn’t do it. because it is freaky shit we’re facing, regardless of what has come before.

i don’t know. i just know humans sure do make a fucked up, difficult world for ourselves, and i don’t like it.



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