blue apron is for lazy, wasteful motherfuckers

jenn listens to lots of podcasts. one of the sponsors for a few of those podcasts is blue apron.

wow, how wastefully convenient

blue apron is a mail order meal service. you order a meal ahead of time and they ship you a box with all the prepackaged, pre-measured ingredients so that all you have to do is chuck the shit together and BAM you’ve got a delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meal.

meanwhile, you and blue apron are wasting ridiculous resources purely for your convenience. bullshit.

i’ve never used blue apron and don’t imagine i ever will. i’m sure their shit tastes great and is very easy to make but i don’t give a shit about that because i have such a problem with the waste inherent in their system. i mean, it’s bad enough that food is grown one place and then shipped across the country, or continent, or world. people should be trying to shop locally, buying locally made shit so as to cut down on fuel used to ship food all all over the place. but blue apron is going the opposite direction, flying small amounts of stuff right to your door. flying your personal meal across the country is fucking nuts. no one is that important.

plus the increased packaging for all of the ingredients which only make a single meal is incredible.

when you’re all done, just toss the pile of garbage out! so easy!

we create far too much waste already with our normal groceries, and blue apron is creating even MORE waste with plastic bags and containers for the tiniest portions. imagine taking a box of raisin bran and packaging it in 30 single serving plastic containers. that’s what blue apron does, and that’s a lot of needless extra material. and guess where it’s going to wind up? the fucking dump, because people who crave convenience don’t give a shit about appropriate waste disposal.

thanks, blue apron!

so blue apron can kindly get fucked, in my humble opinion.


4 thoughts on “blue apron is for lazy, wasteful motherfuckers

  1. Came across your post after googling “blue apron is for lazy people.” Just wanting to confirm there were others out there who see how ridiculous this is. I mean is it really so difficult to find a recipe, make a grocery list, and pick up the ingredients on your grocery shopping trip?! You’re already going to the store anyway, and it’s way cheaper. And others wonder why people like us despise (most of) the human race (well ‘Mericans mostly). Thank you for making me feel not so alone.

  2. Oh My God!! Someone after my own heart. I LOVE this blog post and share the sentiment. Succinct, but powerful. Right between the eyes. Just the way I like it. No beating around the bush — you get right to it and say it like it is. Kudos. Love it!! Okay, that’s enough. I’m removing my lips from your ass now — I promise. Bye.

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