hatred for entitled dickheads

i’ve bitched about people on car forums before and craigslist idiots before. well guess what, i’m going to do it again.

a little while ago, a guy on the 4wd corolla wagon forum said he needed a part. he is in the US so i said i had what he wanted but i’m located in canada so shipping would be about $70 — more than the part is worth, unless he absolutely couldn’t find it down there. but he wanted me to see exactly how much it would be, so i packaged the giant thing up, made a trip to the post office, explained to them that i just needed an estimate, and got back to the guy that day. i said the total shipping cost was $70. he thought that was too much and asked if i could throw in some other stuff to make it worthwhile for him. as if a) adding more shit to the already massive package isn’t going to increase the shipping cost, and b) i want to give him my shit for free. so i explained these things to him (politely, mind you) and waited for a response.

and waited…

and waited.

come on, you dipshit.

after several days, i emailed the jerk off again and asked if he wanted the thing or not. he casually replied, “Oh yeah, of course. Sorry about that. Yeah, I think I’m going to hold off on it for a while. I’ll let you know if that changes.

well, i was some incensed. but after kicking some chairs around and yelling at nothing in particular for a few hours, i got over it.

then he emailed me this last week: “Hi! Is your cargo cover still available? A friend of mine in B.C. has offered to have it shipped to his address. Just let me know. Thanks!

with a large amount of subdued scorn and vitriol, i responded: “sorry, i’ve decided to hang on to it.

now of course, i don’t want to hang on to the thing. i don’t need a spare cargo cover in my fucking basement, and that’s not what i would have liked to say to the guy. i wanted to say, “you’re an entitled prick. i spent a lot of time packaging that fucking thing up and taking it to the post office for an estimate when i already told you roughly how much it would be, and you had the gall to ask me to stuff more of my shit in there (with no mention of actually paying for anything else), failing to realize that this would also raise the cost of shipping. that really pissed me off. then when you decided you didn’t want it, you simply didn’t respond. that’s rude as fuck. BUT NOW YOU WANT IT. well too fucking bad, you blew it the first time around. i’ll burn it before i go out of my way to help such a rude, self-centered dink.

hmmm. maybe i’ll actually write him a nice version of that. motherfuckers won’t learn they’re being assholes if no one tells them.

“i think you’re an asshole.”


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