where do we go from here

i know a lot of people that are disillusioned with voting in canadian politics, or simply don’t really care about it. i’ve heard people say that they don’t like any of the parties or candidates so they’re conscientiously abstaining. i think all of these are valid to some degree but ultimately, i’m still bothered by people not voting.

i know politics are boring. i know that no particular party or candidate is perfectly aligned with my beliefs. i know it seems like there’s no point in voting because all the assholes across this country voting for jackasses and dickheads outnumber those of us with any brains.

but fuck man — politics shape our day to day lives through numerous policies, how our taxes are spent, blah blah blah. by not voting, i feel like people are saying “here’s my tax money, i don’t care who gets it or what they do with it,” and that’s crazy. i don’t bust my ass to give my money away and have it spent on shit i don’t want, like oil tankers and pipelines and tar sands expansion and military machinery that doesn’t even work.

and while no party or candidate is EXACTLY what i want, some are pretty close, and i think it’s better to vote for them and get something close to what i want instead of sitting back and allowing a party i totally oppose into power. i feel like saying “no one represents me” and abstaining is a really self-defeating attitude. actually, there’s a calvin and hobbes comic on this that i always liked:

and of course, anyone who uses the excuse that they were just too busy to vote that day are full of shit. they’re saying “voting wasn’t important enough to me to take 20 minutes to help shape my country’s future.” i think that’s bullshit but ok, fine. but at least have the guts to admit it.

i’m just so concerned with where this country has gone in the last 4 years — robo-call voting scandals, wasted money on busted fighter jets and submarines, a strategic voting act to stifle people who tend to vote against the conservatives, the gutting of environmental impact assessments and protections, the push for more oil production, the increased rights for police to spy on canadian citizens — that i’m terrified of where it could be headed in the next 4 if more young, informed people don’t get out and vote.


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