making simple shit really, really complex

i just read that renowned physicist stephen hawking and russian billionaire yuri milner are throwing down $100,000,000 to search for radio signals that might indicate the existence of intelligent alien life out there.

part of milner’s motivation for this project: “his belief that other civilizations could teach us how to handle challenges such as allocating natural resources.”

well gee whiz, no need to make long distance calls to space for that stuff. i can answer all that shit right now: we have too many people and not enough resources so we either have to

  1. all learn to use less stuff,
  2. decrease the # of people on earth, or
  3. both.

ta da, that was easy. oh shit, but following through on that stuff is a lot of work and not much fun. maybe we should call the aliens and tell them we know what we should do but don’t feel like actually doing it.

jesus fucking christ.

i’m so disappointed in us.

while you’re at it, can you tell the aliens i’ve got a bunch of laundry to do but don’t feel like dealing with it? see if they have any bright ideas on how i can get around that.


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