i drop money down

for the first times since 2007 when i bought type o negative’s ‘dead again,’ i have paid for recorded music.

it may not have been their best album but i think ‘ode to locksmiths’ is the best type o negative song ever, hands down.

i was contemplating this a few weeks ago after digging author & punisher’s latest record, melk en honing. i even wrote about it here. so after some consideration and my EI payments finally beginning after 6 weeks of breath-holding, i went ahead and purchased melk en honing. it felt good.

then i started thinking about the other artists whose shit i’ve downloaded and loved recently, like voices and their album, london (which i wrote about here). and i felt guilty because they are a struggling group who i had also stolen from. so even though i downloaded london months ago, i went to their bandcamp page and paid for it today.

that felt good too.

so i’m pleased that i’ve started to change my habit on this. what i’m not pleased about is the moral dilemma of deciding whether every artist deserves this kind of respect and honesty. metallica and taylor swift certainly don’t require my financial support, but god knows they work at least as hard as author & punisher or voices, so why shouldn’t i pay them for their shit?

great. now what? pay lars for death magnetic? that seems like a stretch.

i actually love lars. i just don’t feel super guilty about stealing from him. guilty, yes, but not $10 guilty. ok, maybe.


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