new death today

i think we give doctors and all other health care professionals way too much credit.

trust no one, even affable grey-haired men with stethoscopes.

case in point: i injured my back working out 5 years ago. since then, i’ve seen numerous family doctors, back specialists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, a chiropractor, and a kinesiologist. i’ve read books and countless webpages on back issues and how to treat them.

among all the highly educated professionals and books and websites, there was never anything close to a consensus on what my problem was or what i needed to do. there were all kinds of different ideas about how to treat my problems. notably, the first chiropractor said, “lift everything like it’s an engine. pencils off the floor, tissues, everything. imagine it weighs hundreds of pounds.” so from then on, i would arch my back when i bent over as if i was about to lift an engine. after years and many subsequent re-injuries, my kinesiologist noticed this and said “why are you hinging like that? stick one leg out behind you as a counterbalance.” what? i know. fucking crazy. who sticks a leg out behind them when they pick up a pencil? weirdo yoga freaks, that’s who. anyway, every time i got conflicting info like this, i would try to follow the new persons advice since the old advice never helped me much. ultimately, each piece of new advice i took made very little, if any, difference. the pain, tightness, and re-injuries continued.

“FUCK these doctors are stupid, and my back still hurts.”

through all of this, i’ve remembered that every health professional is an individual, normal human being with their own experiences and approaches to things. whatever worked well for them in the past, they used when treating me. their shit just didn’t happen to work for me, which sucks. oh well.

but for no particular reason, i recently decided to try yet another physiotherapist. i thought, what have i got to lose? why not? so i saw a guy who mark recommended. he took a look at me and got me doing some stuff, and what do you know — i feel better than i have in years. do you know what the key has been?

doing the opposite of what most of the other health professionals and resources have told me. bending over, and lots of it. who’d have guessed?

the moral of my story is that just because someone went to school for a million fucking years and has all sorts of impressive accolades on theirs walls, don’t think for a second that they know everything or have a special key to solve the riddles you present to them. they’re just as flawed and prone to strange tendencies as anyone else in any other job. not every plumber is going to do a satisfactory job fixing your sink, and the same thing applies to docs and therapists. that means that sometimes you have to slog through a horde of them until you find one who can actually make a fucking difference to your situation. that sucks but you can’t really blame them. they’re just normal people too.

he’s just a normal guy, like you and me.

onward and upward.


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