every time i sign out of my hotmail account, i’m bombarded with bullshit on the MSN home page. half of all the online articles there are nothing more than lists of useless pseudo information compiled by some asshole — ’11 signs that you should replace your toilet,’ ‘8 stars who grew beards,’ ‘6 of the yummiest fall soup recipes.’ fuck me, is this all most people’s attention spans can handle now? bullet points that they can scan through in 10 seconds, smile halfheartedly at, forget instantly and move on from? i guess that shouldn’t be surprising considering our love affairs with all things trite, innocuous, and fleeting, like texts and tweets and snapchats.

i don’t believe there is a conspiracy to placate the masses with constant mindless drivel that encourages short attention spans and a consuming desire for hollywood gossip distraction horseshit. i think the masses are clamoring for that stuff all on their own, and the media is only happy to exploit it and rake in fat cash while doing so.

i would bet that that’s why it takes severe droughts and wildfires before people in BC realize we should start being more careful with our water. no one wants to read such heavy and serious articles when they can be reading ‘where these 7 child stars of the 80’s are now.’

we’re fucked but everyone is too busy snapchatting to notice.

“huh, wildfires have decimated 285,000 hectares of BC forests so far this year and we still have months of summer left. hang on, kylie jenner turned 18 and her family is sending her birthday wishes!”


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