aug 7 2015 – summer begins

i’ve been talking with quite a few people lately about how it feels like summer’s on its way out even though there is still at least a month of it left. i think it’s because we got our quota of unbearably hot, scorching weather in june and july so everyone has filled their ‘beach/bikinis/suntanning/bbq-ing/beers-on-the-patio’ gas tanks already and is ready to hunker down for 9 months of rain and gloom. personally, i’d be fine with year-round gloom but i’ll probably have to wait until our smog problem gets bad enough to block out all sunlight.


anyway, as if it’s not odd enough that so many of us feel like summer’s coming to a close in the first week of august, now i feel like summer fun is finally starting. just in the last week, we went to tyrone and marieke’s wedding and i had the best night of my summer so far, shooting the shit with old pals. then jenn had liz and gen over to make jam on a warm, humid, drizzly sunday, and it felt instantly nostalgic to me. and last night i swam at the quarry with dana, spencer, and julia, and i can’t put my finger on precisely why but it felt really good, really care-free. we laughed lots.

it just felt like summer.

i wonder if the recent cooler weather and occasional rain has helped my mood. maybe i’m less worried about the drought and wildfires. my back is feeling much better and that definitely helps me feel more ‘up.’ but i’m also back to work, which is kind of a bummer, and the start of the canadian election campaigns has made me more aware of harper and his subversive political techniques, and that bums me out in a big way.

so i have no idea why i’m feeling better, why it feels like summer 2015 is finally beginning at the same time that it feels like it’s ending.

who cares, i’m just glad it finally arrived.

“have you guys ever noticed how perfectly racially balanced our subdivision is?”


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