la woman

just like i thought, summer really has finally begun. last saturday, jenn and i went to helgi and kyle’s wedding. we left there around 10 pm to meet liz and head to julia’s sister’s wedding but by the time we met up with liz, i was feeling bagged. i figured i would drop jenn and liz off at the cobble hill hall and then head home. but once we got there and hung out with steve, amanda, spencer, julia, and dana for a few minutes, i got my second wind. i thought, “i’ll just stick around for a bit and see how i feel,” and before long i was requesting rock lobster (which everyone hated, as evidenced by the suddenly empty dance floor) and rasputin (which everyone loved and returned to the dance floor for). everyone was having a great time.

empty dance floors be damned. the b-52s are awesome.

at 1 am, the hall shut down so we delivered some kegs to dana, spencer, and julia’s place and moved the party there. it was such a good group of people. i hadn’t met many of olivia and tyler’s friends before, and they were great. i hope we merge friend circles at some point.

the dancing continued and got better and better until it finally culminated (in my mind, anyway) with LA woman by the doors, at the request of a good dude i had just met, jordan. i’m a huge doors fan and obviously already loved LA woman but that night, the swaggering sexuality and rollicking, debaucherous vibe of that song really knocked my dick into the dirt like never before. it took all the fun and hedonism that had gradually percolated throughout the night and brought it to a rolling boil. i may as well have been a drunk in a wood-floored bar in buttfuck nowhere USA in the 70s, shaking my ass to the greatest bar rock band i’ve ever heard. that’s how intoxicating it was.

love em

there was no topping those surreal 8 minutes so we headed home and jenn drunkenly passed out in bed with a half a peanut butter and jam sandwich on her chest.

what a great night. summer 2015 lives.

“motel money murder madness
let’s change the mood from glad to sadness


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