quote pics

this has been bugging me for a while



so has this



and this

a lot of people must believe they’re confucius, slapping some supposedly sage wisdom onto an image and thinking it’s hella deep, because there sure are a lot of corny bastards doing it these days. guess what, i hate it.

however, always one to try fun new things and see what the buzz is all about, i just searched ‘make your own quote picture.’ i found quotescover.com and went to work, and now i’ve posted some of my greatest creations below! i hope people are as inspired by my work as i am by all the great quote pics i’ve seen! click to enlarge! share with everyone who you think will be profoundly moved by my deep, contemplative musings!





2 thoughts on “quote pics

  1. David, I love these. I’m stealing a couple of them if you don’t mind…

    See what you just did there? You participated! You’re perpetuating the problem! (Kinda) — ha!

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