slobs get shit

i know an older person who was recently cheated on by their partner. my acquaintance has moved out/been kicked out of the place they shared with their partner and is now living in some shithole apartment. my acquaintance is also broke as a joke. it’s a rough situation.

i started to feel sorry for this poor schlub but then i remembered what a fat, lazy, stupid, hot-tempered oaf they are, and i realized: they aren’t the victim of bad luck. it’s not cruel fate. my acquaintance willfully created their life and current predicament by being a giant gross turd with zero financial sense in a lousy relationship. that’s how they’ve lived their entire life so it makes perfect sense that they are in such a pickle now. they worked hard for this situation, and have truly earned it.

i have a hard time feeling sorry for people who just make lousy choices.

occasionally, i feel just fine with passing judgement on some folks.


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