plant face

i’ve had a few disturbing dreams lately. a couple days ago, i dreamed i was in a fancy, almost futuristic bathroom looking in the mirror. my face had all kinds of weeds growing out of it, like little blades of grass, thistles, dandelions. i was bewildered and horrified. in the dream, i figured either my pores were huge and full of dirt, or i was super, super filthy and had a thick layer of dirt on my face, or that my face was actually made of dirt. regardless, i didn’t like the stuff growing there so i started weeding my face. when i pulled stuff out it left gaping holes where the roots had been, and i was further disgusted by this.

that was in my face.

that was the end of it. i woke up and felt like i had just watched a good cronenberg film and was all fucked up from the gross body horror.

then today, i dreamed that a few normally friendly farm animals were fighting. i think it was an alpaca and a little goat but they were out for each others blood. it seemed like some sign of disharmony, of impending chaos, like when the light was orange and pink from the nearby forest fires this summer. anyway, then i saw a bunch of people with hands for feet and vice versa. it doesn’t sound too crazy but if you actually picture what that looks like when they use their hands to walk around and feet to write and carry stuff, it’s very strange. i woke up feeling not as grossed out as i did by the weed face thing, but very unsettled nonetheless. there was something very strange and ‘not right’ about it. i didn’t like it.

i told dana about the weed dream yesterday. he half joked that there might be some deeper meaning to it, like not liking something about myself, or feeling like i have some parasite attached to me that will be unpleasant to rid myself of. i don’t think i buy any of that though, i think brains just kind of go to town when it comes to dreams. sometimes they can feel powerful or meaningful but usually i don’t think they mean much.

man, that videodrome gif is disgusting. cronenberg has a real knack, wow. it’s pretty cool that he received the order of canada. it’s like even though his specialty isn’t classical music or schindler’s list — even though his specialty is strange nightmare gore — even classy types acknowledge that he does it really fucking good.


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