done deal

i’ve been trying to sell our old f-350 on craigslist for a few weeks now. it’s been a typical selling-used-stuff nightmare.

get it while it rots

i received lots of emails saying “i’m interested in your truck, is it still for sale?” and some that said “i was in your area but now i’m not, looks like a decent truck.” i have no idea what the point of the latter email was, and most of the other people never responded when i told them the truck was still available.

then a prompt, seemingly reliable guy showed up. he came and looked and liked it. then he took it for a test drive.

then the truck broke down on him mid-test drive. it wouldn’t start. we’ve owned the thing for 3, maybe 4 years now, and driven it to hell and back several times, and it’s never broken down, ever. it’s very likely it was just time for something to go but i couldn’t help wondering, ‘what did this fuckwad do to wreck my truck?’ however, despite the breakdown, he said he was still interested in it so i said i’d email him once i fixed it. we used jenn’s BCAA to tow the truck home and after a day of messing around, i got it sorted out. i let the guy know, he said groovy, he’ll come on thursday for it.

then he said friday.

then he said tuesday.

now it’s tuesday evening and i still haven’t heard from him. meanwhile, i’ve had a bunch more emails asking about the truck and i’ve told them all that the sale is pending. i can’t wait to email them tomorrow to tell them it’s still available, only to have them never get back to me.

son of a bitch.


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