i’m sick of no one personally accepting responsibility for white collar crimes

the news is abuzz right now with the VW emissions scandal. in case you live under a rock, the company installed software on its cars so that they performed great in emissions testing but in real life driving, they spewed up to 40 times the allowable pollutant levels. it’s serious shit.

so because of that, the price of their shares plummeted, the CEO resigned, and the company faces $18 million in fines. big deal.

to me, that shit is nowhere near enough. VW may be the overarching brand name behind the scandal, but the brand itself is not responsible for decisions it makes so i think it’s stupid to punish the brand or company. it’s all the people behind the name who made those decisions that should be punished. otherwise, VW as a company takes a hit but the people who actually said “let’s break laws, lie to the entire world, and dump tonnes of extra pollution into the atmosphere so we can sell more cars” still retain their fat bank accounts, multiple vacation homes, freedom, etc — the real criminals go unpunished. that’s bullshit. it doesn’t dissuade any white collar dickheads from doing the same thing later on, so i say hit them where it hurts: their own asses.

i’m all for corporal punishment. fuck a cozy jail cell with super channel, i want to see them suffer.

maybe the fear of personal fines, personal criminal records, hard labour, and a bloodied ass would do something to mitigate the flood of white collar cowboy dickheads, fucking around and acting like they’re untouchable. because the systems currently in place obviously don’t strike enough fear into their cold, remorseless, robot hearts. i said it when the nuclear reactor at fukushima blew, and i’m sure i’ll keep saying it for the rest of my days on this godforsaken mudball planet: figure out who is responsible for these colossal fuck ups and nail them to the wall. no hiding behind company names and bank accounts, real punishment for real people. that is the only way we can hope to prevent similarly reprehensible and unjust white collar behaviour in the future.


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