i often think about the different spins you can put on the same thing, how you can easily make something good sound terrible, and vice versa, by changing just a simple descriptor. i’m fascinated by it because it’s so easy to do but i also worry about it because of how vulnerable it makes all of us. never mind that i think it’s inevitable and omnipresent since we all naturally have preferences and we’re all going to try to sell others on those preferences using spin. i do it here all the time. still, i hate the idea that the entire world is so up for interpretation. i crave more concrete, more black and white.

some examples of what keeps me awake at night:

  • classic or typical
  • confident or arrogant
  • thrifty or cheap
  • comfortable or ragged
  • simple or stupid
  • sophisticated or convoluted
  • colourful or odd
  • helpful or nagging
  • cautious or fussy
  • affectionate or smothering

and on and on. it’s almost paralyzing because no matter what you do, no matter how kind, friendly, outgoing, positive, are whatever else you are, it’s likely that many people will still think you’re a mean, dumb, annoying asshole.

it’s an impartial/cruel world.


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