tim horton’s hubbub

i read in the news lately that tim horton’s and starbucks have been lying to customers about how they are recycling their disposable paper cups, and people are outraged about it. well, i’m outraged at tim horton’s and starbucks but i’m also outraged at the people who are outraged at them.

if people give such a shit about waste and get coffee to go on a regular basis, why don’t they bring their own travel mugs that they can wash and reuse? getting choked that someone else isn’t picking up your slack seems like a fucking entitled position to take.

“i DESERVE to have this recycled for me.”

and of course, reusing mugs uses less energy than recycling paper cups anyway.

and of course, tim horton’s and starbucks are still scum for lying about their practices.

and of course, tim horton’s makes crap food that no one should be paying for in the first place ($1 each for tiny, shitty, chemical-tasting donuts? give me a break). i can’t comment on starbucks because i haven’t had much of their stuff but i don’t expect much better — just more expensive, probably.

ps, drive thru’s are fucking bullshit and should be outlawed. they create traffic jams of idling cars that are no faster than going into the store for service, plus they encourage fat, lazy, fast food-addicted slobs to be even fatter and lazier by not having to get out of their cars for their feed bags.


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