shitty halloween

this halloween kind of sucked. it wasn’t terrible but it really fizzled and sort of failed to get off the ground. i got a decent costume together and went to danny’s party on the big night, had fun lighting fireworks with paul and danny, mingled for an hour or two, then got bored and tired. i went home and hopped in bed just after midnight. it was so weird. last year i had one of the best halloweens of my life so to go from that to this limp, weak one was a bit of a shock.

i’m not sure why this one sucked. it was a good crowd at the party, lots of good friends, some great costumes, a good bonfire, the fireworks were fun…about the only complaint i have is the music sucked. i fucking hate the non-stop worship of 90’s hip hop i have to deal with any time someone around my age puts any music on.

i don’t give a fuck

but crappy music isn’t enough to wreck a night, especially a special night like halloween. i feel like the problem is maybe that i was complacent and didn’t do enough or didn’t venture outside my comfort zone enough. maybe i should have also done some other halloween stuff along with the party, maybe i should have done something different than house party with friends like we do on a semi-regular basis already.

coulda, woulda, shoulda.

dana was recently talking about something kinda related to this. we were talking about festivus and who is going to host it this year. he said he wanted someone else besides him or us to host it because he doesn’t want people taking the event for granted and just expecting one of us to make it to happen, year after year. jenn said that worried her because when greg and kim hosted it in nanaimo a few years ago, a lot of our pals didn’t come, probably because it was too far a drive (45 mins, come on). but dana said that you need those kind of ups and downs in order to make each year different, keep each one special. i really liked that kind of big picture view of it. yeah, it can suck at the time if an event is a bit of a bummer but of course he’s right — if every festivus was in the same place and pretty much the same as the last year, it would get old quick. it’s just like what i experienced with burning man: if you seek to repeat something amazing, you will surely be disappointed.

so i’m trying to keep this in mind regarding this year’s halloween so that i don’t take the disappointment too seriously. i want to learn from it and try to mix it up a bit more next year, and remember the big picture so i can accept that it’s only natural that not every year feels like the best halloween yet.


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