big smoke

last week, we went to victoria with some pals to take part in a ‘horror escape’ thing. it’s like a series of interactive puzzle rooms — figure out the clues to unlock the door and move on to the next room. it had a satanic/exorcism theme. it was awesome.

after that, we all went to a bar. then jenn, gen, and i were walking to my car when we stopped at mcdonald’s to get some garbage food. we stood in line and some really tall, happy, weird dudes who appeared to be high on MDMA were in front of us. when they got their burgers, they started eating them right then and there with big smiles on their faces, and sort of dancing. one of them came over and was dancing right in our faces as he chewed a huge mouthful of cheeseburger. i know, i should have punched his goofy face out. but i didn’t, i just laughed about how much he was enjoying his burger. it was funny.

then we met gen’s bf matt outside mcdonald’s and hung out there for a minute. while we stood there, a mint condition ford aerostar — a sport edition ford aerostar, no less — stopped at the traffic light in front of us. being connoisseurs of ugly older vehicles, matt and i couldn’t help staring at and discussing the aerostar. the pretty blonde woman driving it noticed us, and we exchanged a wave. she rolled her window down and said in an english accent, “do you like my minivan?” we said we did. she said, “it’s a ford aerostar, 1995.” the light changed and she, her aerostar, and her amused passengers putted off into the city night. this was also funny.


aerostars are still turds, though.

neither event was particularly crazy or interesting, but both stuck out to me as kind of neat. and we didn’t spend hardly any time in vic that night yet we still managed to come across two amusing little episodes that we are (or i am, anyway) likely to remember for a long time. so it struck me that it’s amazing how much more goes on in the city: surround yourself with more people and more stuff going on, and the law of averages dictates that you will likely encounter more noteworthy human interactions. i guess i would spend more time in the city if i was lonely.


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