thoughts on ufc 193

  • struve vs rosholt – boring. such a shame because i think struve has a lot of potential but it’s 50/50 on any given night as to whether he can pull it off or not.
  • whitaker vs hall – not bad. big win for whitaker.
  • hunt vs silva – no surprises here but i would have liked more action before bigfoot crumpled.
  • jedrzejczyk vs letourneau – great back and forth, very competitive. it was nice to see someone finally stand and trade with jedrzejczyk, and both women landed some excellent shots. despite the loss, this really solidified letourneau’s place in the strawweight division top 10 for me. i look forward to seeing both women compete again soon.
  • rousey vs holm – fuck yeah. i have lots to say on this one.

    i’ve never liked rousey so i was thrilled to see her lose, especially so decisively. i can’t stand her “i’m a hot badass, whatcha gonna do about it?” persona. i think it’s phony and unlikable. she’s like conor mcgregor in that sense. i think both of them are smart to have picked and thoroughly executed such marketable personas, and i’m sure they have made assloads of money largely because of them, but they make me dislike them as people. i wish they would just be real, and respectful of their opponents.

    speaking of which, rousey’s performance at the weigh in and her refusal to touch gloves at the start of the fight were complete bullshit. at the weigh in, holm did not punch rousey like dana white has stated. the two posed for their face off, holm’s fist was near rousey’s chin, rousey moved her arm and pulled holm’s fist down across her own jaw and then acted like she’d been hit. for dana white to say that holm punched rousey is a lie and massively disrespectful to holm because it paints her as unprofessional, unsportsmanlike. it’s ridiculous, especially considering holm’s record as being consistently respectful throughout her long fighting career. i guess that’s the sheisty las vegas businessman in white though, always trying to capitalize on a moment. fucking douchebag. as for rousey not touching gloves with holm before their fight: i assume this is an extension of the weigh in thing, and it was just as dumb, and in the same way too. not much more to be said on that.

  • dana white pouting at the post fight press conference – normally after a big UFC event, dana white is all jazzed up, cracking jokes, having a good time. but at the ufc 193 post fight press conference, he was subdued, didn’t smile much, and cut the conference short (25 min whereas it’s normally closer to an hour). i wonder why he was so fucking miserable. i bet he was pissed he killed his own goose that laid golden eggs. i mean, rousey has been the biggest star the UFC has produced but this brutal loss will surely have a substantial effect on her stardom since that stardom has largely revolved around her apparent invincibility. white is probably concerned that rousey may not have quite the draw she once did, now that it’s proven she’s human and beatable. boo hoo, a few million dollars less for the poor guy! cry me a river.
  • dana white and immediate rematches – FUCK THIS HORSESHIT. i’m so sick of white and his obsession with rematches, particularly with immediate rematches. i’ve even bitched about this before, that’s how often he does this shit. he talked about this particular rematch at the post fight press conference, saying that an immediate rematch with holm makes absolute sense. well, i disagree. rousey got her ass handed to her — how does that earn her a rematch? rousey did nothing to give anyone the idea that the next fight would be any different. if it had been a close back and forth fight that went to a split decision, sure, but this was a slaughter. i’m sure lots of people will cite rousey’s legacy but i don’t give a fuck about that. i think you’re only as good as your last performance and as of today, rousey’s last performance was laughable. so let her decisively beat the hell out of someone else and then talk about a rematch with holm.

for now, let’s just enjoy holm’s handiwork. hooray!


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