ripping on metal culture; winter sunrises force me to qualify a previous statement

i love death metal but i hate death metal culture. i hate the way death metal dudes act. i think they usually come off sort of like white supremacists — turbo-conceited and pretending to be intellectual but really just dumb as fuck white trash.


bingo (that’s ‘malevolent creation’, btw)

i think death metal guys like to try to sound smart because of the contrast with their boneheadedness. they think other people will think “wow, that guy looks dumb and tough but he’s using 4-syllable words (incorrectly). my preconceptions have been shattered.” i’m sure some people buy into that but i think it’s annoying and phony and childish.

i also think the use of ‘metal horns’ is childish as fuck. it looks so dumb to me, like a secret handshake for a 12-yr old boys treehouse club. grow up.


ok, i can get behind it when dio does it, but that’s only because he’s legit about it. he’s not kidding around.

i also hate when death metal bands have ‘serious’ music playing as a prelude to their live concerts. they usually use wagner or something else with war-like overtones — again, so it’s smart (because it’s classical) but also tough (because it was like the original death metal!!!!). another thing i hate about the classical intro music is that it usually sounds good but then the band starts and they usually sound like shit. it’s totally anticlimactic.

the reason i’m bitching about all this stuff is a video recently surfaced of a police officer in uniform helping introduce a song with the shitty band, vital remains. it pretty much has all the elements of this culture i hate: fat, gross white trash death metal dudes, insane arrogance, metal horns, classical music intro…but this also has the added bonus of the band standing with their backs to the audience while the intro music plays!!! that’s so sweet and tense!!! i couldn’t wait for them to turn around and melt my face with with their ruthless brutality!!!!!!! too bad they sound like ass as soon as they start playing.

in other news, the weather has gotten colder lately. it’s been around freezing for the last few days. yesterday morning when i got up for work at 6:30, there was an amazing sunrise. it was so great that i decided to catch the sunrise again today. and i realize that i previously bitched about sunrises on here before, and i still stand by what i said, but i need to qualify that previous statement: it’s just summer sunrises i hate. they come way too early in the morning and are a pain in the ass to catch. and when it’s hot as tits in the summer, the last thing i want to welcome to the day is the sun. i mean, once the summer starts i’m pretty much just counting down until it goes away — i can’t stand the heat and scorching sunlight.

but in the winter, i’m grateful for the sun. it’s nice to be warmed by it when the air is so cool. in that sense, i think winter gives the sun purpose, basically. and it seems like the cold makes the colours in sunrises and sunsets more intense, more beautiful. plus they happen at reasonable hours in the winter. so much more convenient. so yay for winter sunrises, nay for summer sunrises.


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