artists doing stuff they know sucks

i’ve seen a few live napalm death videos lately where barney’s screams sound absolutely fucking horrible. not horrible in a wicked ‘oh my god, how can he speak after shredding his throat like that way’ but in a ‘he sounds like my dad having a tantrum, and i’m so embarrassed for him’ way. this is the clip that got me going on this topic. it’s only a minute long, check it out.

why would barney and the other lads in napalm death allow this? why wouldn’t they say “hey man, that sounds like shit, why don’t one of us do the screams instead,” or “fuck screaming barney, you’re better at the yelling and growling so maybe just stick with that”? these guys aren’t idiots. they’ve made a lot of great, brutal records over the years. i’m sure they know a pathetic, shitty scream from an inspired, wicked one, but then why are they guilty of allowing them now? i don’t get it. i know that mitch harris isn’t with the band right now and he usually handles a lot of the screaming but guess what — he’s away for a bit, and barney can’t do it, so he should quit trying. he’s only embarrassing himself, the rest of the band, and all of us. no one with a brain is fooled.

incidentally, ND’s drummer, danny herrera, is another shining example of the embarrassing disappointment i’m talking about. i’ve seen ND live several times since 2009 and each time, herrera gets worse and worse. his double bass skills are absolutely pathetic and sloppy as all hell, and the rest of his drumming is marginal. i would honestly kick him out of my metal band if he were my drummer, he’s that mediocre. i can’t find a video that captures it but i’ll keep looking and add it one day when i find it.

but perhaps the best example what i’m bitching about are the clean vocals of burton c. bell in fear factory. that man has never, ever been able to carry a tune in a bucket. he sounds like a fucking fart. i love his yelling and harsh vocals but he can’t sing worth a piss — yet he’s been doing it relentlessly since 1995, ever since they realized that yelling for verses and singing for choruses was a winning combination. check them out his stunning crooning here, at :45 in.

it’s a god damn joke that people are paying money for such shitty sub-par performances. it’s part of why i don’t go to many shows anymore. so many ‘professionals’ are as bad as some local bands comprised of 16-yr old kids, and i just can’t accept that. so instead, i sit at home and bitch on my blog about it.

believe it or not, bitching about it is way more fun and satisfying than going to see fear factory again. it’s cheaper too.


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