the hunger games suck

a friend at work is watching the second hunger games film as i type this. i watched most of this film with another co-worker a year ago or so and i think it’s a fucking piece of shit. it’s a shame because i think the basic premise is really neat, strong, classic dystopian sci-fi stuff, a la soilent green, logan’s run, those kind of films. so i find it really god damned unfortunate that the hunger games go about executing such a similar vibe so poorly. i think most of the acting is horrible, and the over-the-top game show stuff is TOO over-the-top — it crosses the line from ‘strange and unsettling’ (as i believe it was intended) into ‘ridiculous and annoying.’ plus that dude’s underbite bugs the hell out of me. is he supposed to be the heartthrob? with THAT jaw? come on.


i looked up ‘josh hutcherson jaw’ and found this. i can’t believe it. i am clearly out of touch with a good segment of humanity.


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