jon jones is scum

i’ve been watching ariel helwani’s interview with jon jones, the first interview jones has done since he DUI’d, hit a pregnant woman, fled the scene, came back to grab stuff from his vehicle, and fled again. he pleaded guilty to the charges laid against him, got some community service, and was also suspended by the UFC and stripped of his title as champion. big whoop.

i don’t believe a god damn word this man says. he’s been busted before for a previous DUI and cocaine use, plus he got in an altercation with another fighter at a promotional event, and every time he gets himself in these stupid situations he acts humbled and wiser for the learning opportunity…but he just keeps getting himself in hot water. so i don’t believe him when he says he’s really turned a corner in his life this time.

i also don’t believe him when he says he wasn’t drunk at the time of the hit-and-run, that he was just tired.

i don’t believe him when he says the accident occurred in the middle of the day.

i don’t believe him when he says he ran because he knew he smelled like booze from the night before and was scared the police wouldn’t believe he was just tired.

i don’t believe him when he says he didn’t run back to the car for money since all his money is in savings — if he wasn’t thinking straight, like he claims, why would he be so rational about cash? that’s inconsistent. and on top of that, rich drunks who flee accident scenes need cash just as much as the next fugitive.

i don’t believe him when he says he got a friend to take him to a hotel and talk to his lawyer before calling the police, “like any normal person would do” — personally, if i was involved in a car accident, i would stay at the scene, help injured people, wait for the police, and tell them what happened. i think THAT’S normal.

want to know what i do believe? i believe jones drove drunk and stoned like a fucking idiot, hit another vehicle, thought “holy shit, i’m drunk and stoned, if i get busted i’m fucked,” fled the scene, thought “holy shit, i left that pipe full of grass in there, if i get busted for that i’m really fucked,” ran back to get it, decided to grab the cash in the vehicle while he was there since he may need it in the coming hours, called a friend, got a hotel room, called his lawyer, and killed enough time that there was no way anyone could prove he was drunk at the time of the accident…and THEN turned himself in.

in short, i believe that jon jones is lying scum.

he is a phenomenal fighter but i believe he’s a selfish, destructive, delusional train wreck of a human being that should be in jail, just like anyone else would be if they committed the same crimes as him. money talks though, i suppose.

i wonder if jones has that swiss cheese brain thing that all the football and WWE guys get from repeated concussions. that might explain his consistent fucked up behaviour.


jones should volunteer to get a CT scan of his brain done, just to rule it out. he’s that fucked.


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