“letting the terrorists win”

since the terrorist attacks on paris, lots of rock and metal band have been talking about why they’re cancelling or continuing on with their european tour dates. a lot of the ones continuing to tour are using the old “if you change the way you live, you’re letting the terrorists win” line but i think that’s a dumb thing to say.


i generally don’t take advice from douchebags with zz top beards, blackwork tattoos, and metal mulisha shirts. never mind the metal horns and duck face.

terrorists aren’t out to stop rock concerts from happening. they won’t stop what they’re doing if everyone stops going to rock concerts. that’s not how they ‘win.’ in this recent case, the terrorists attacked french citizens because france is playing a role in trying to stop the terrorist movement back on its home turf — attacking french citizens is how the terrorists are saying “butt out, france. mind your own business.”so really, to ‘let the terrorists win,’ western countries would need to turn a blind eye to carnage being perpetrated in the middle east, and that’s got nothing to do with staying home for fear of being attacked in public places on our own soil.

which brings me to my next point: saying that staying home or being cautious is tantamount to letting terrorists win is insulting when all those people are doing is looking out for the safety of themselves and those they love. do what you want — tour europe, don’t tour europe, whatever — but don’t give other people grief about their decisions. there’s no right and wrong with this stuff. it’s just a personal choice, so mind your own fucking business.


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