my fave cures

jenn and her folks got me two tickets to see the cure in vancouver next may. i’m thrilled! i’ve been a huge cure fan since i was a teenager, have always thought them to be an exceptionally great live band, and love robert smith as a dude, so i’m really excited to get to witness their magic live.

in my excitement, i’ve been listening to cure records i haven’t checked out in a long time. there’s lots of songs i had forgotten about that i loved, so many that i want to write about it. most people i talk to about the cure just say “disintegration is so great” but then they don’t know much of their other shit, and that’s a crying shame. disintegration is great, but so is a lot of their other stuff.

early stuff/pornography – i’m not really into the first few albums because of their minimalist approach. sounds too basic, not very interesting to me. pornography is the earliest one that got me pumped. i loved its fucked up, suicidal vibe. 100 years and the title track were my faves. my noisy garbage band even covered the latter. by popular request, here it is.

japanese whispers – to this day, love cats is still a fucking killer song that gives me fond memories of 80’s night at evolution. some other cool songs on here too. not the most solid record but kind of neat.

the top – i never hear anyone talk about this album and i don’t know why. it’s one of my faves. lots of variety, yet it boasts consistent quality. dressing up, bananafishbones, and the title track are my faves. the weird train horn sounds in the title track are so weird and haunting, i love em.

head on the door – a solid record for sure but i think i overplayed it when i was younger. in between days is one of the only songs from this one i can still put on but i respect the whole album nonetheless.

wish – hugely underrated. i love this record. very solid, very sad. from the edge of the deep green sea, doing the unstuck, friday i’m in love, letter to elise, cut, wish, and end are all fantastic. end particularly guts me. it feels like a musical suicide note.

burn – a song from the crow soundtrack. another one i never hear anyone talk about, even though it’s fucking wicked.

wild mood swings – like the title suggests, this one is all over the map. the quality is inconsistent but the bright spots are amazing. want, mint car, and bare are deadly. jupiter crash stands out to me as a good one though i can’t put my finger on why. return is really fun, and cooper’s drumming on this track is particularly propulsive.

bloodflowers – so solid. watching me fall and 39 are the only weak links, the rest is somber as shit, and excellent. i think out of this world and the last day of summer are my faves from this one.

the cure (self-titled) – my fave cure album, and that’s saying a lot considering how much other great work they’ve produced. an unpopular choice, i’m sure, but i don’t care. i think it starts with a bang with lost, loses momentum with the next two disposable songs, but then gets good again and steadily climbs into greatness as the album continues. end of the world, (i don’t know what’s going) on, taking off, never, and the promise are all cure classics in my eyes.

after the self-titled album, i was really excited to hear 4:13 dream but i gave it a good shake and never liked it. i can’t specifically say why now, i just have a vague memory of finding the whole thing boring. but fuck, you can’t knock it out of the park every time, and the cure has done just that the majority of the time for me so i don’t hold that album against them.


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