canadian insurance companies are motherfuckers for pretending mental illness is not a legit illness

i just read a CBC news article detailing how most canadian insurance companies do not cover medical expenses of their clients who intentionally injure themselves or attempt suicide. some policies specify that the exclusions apply whether the person is “sane or insane” at the time of the incident.

that’s fucking stupid. the vast majority of people attempting suicide or anything similar (about 90%, according to the same article) are doing so because of underlying mental health issues — basically, their brains are not functioning properly. this can be due to conditions like schizophrenia, PTSD, chemical imbalances, and physical brain trauma, among other stuff, stuff that is diagnosed and recognized as real by the global medical community. so people suffering from those things are actually sick, and expecting normal, accountable behaviour from someone whose brain isn’t functioning properly is like expecting a person with a broken arm to do pushups. they can’t, because one of their fucking arms isn’t working.

CBC contacted various insurance companies about this and they responded: “The general purpose of insurance is to protect people in the event of an unexpected injury or illness, and not for losses which result from the insured person’s deliberate actions.”

that’s fucking stupid too, for the exact same reason as above. if someone’s brain is not functioning correctly, their actions cannot be called deliberate.

insurance is such a fucking scam. i’m sick of businesses masquerading as benevolent entities, angels in your darkest hour, when really they’re cruel, twisted predators, carefully setting traps and loopholes so they have lawful ways of screwing you out of what you thought you had been paying for all along.


he better not, or his family won’t be able to collect his life insurance


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