i don’t like irony much

i believe there’s a time and place for almost everything but the vast majority of the time, i can’t stand irony. i hate it in art: when i have the horrible misfortune of listening to modern rock radio, i hear a lot of half-serious nostalgia acts that are sort of making fun of old disco rock styles, sort of enjoying them, and i don’t know whether they are mocking themselves or not.


super cool disheveled hair and outfits

i hate it in fashion too, like hipsters wearing outfits that are sort of funny and intentionally ugly but MAYBE sexy to a few twisted individuals? i don’t know about that last point. i don’t know how anyone can find hipster shades like this…


…or this…


…attractive. i think both look childish, stupid. like they dug through a bin at the salvation army looking for hideous stuff for a costume but didn’t have any luck, and instead found some stuff that was sort of ugly in a ‘haha, this looks like something my parents would have worn’ way, and settled for that. in the end, it’s not funny, it’s not ugly, it’s not attractive. it’s just stupid.

same goes for high waisted pants. i FUCKING HATE high waisted pants.


everyone is free to wear whatever they like, and i am free to despise it. such is the case with high waisted pants. you can take the most beautiful, sexiest body, put some high waisted pants on it, and you will destroy it. that’s what they do. i don’t care if they’re hip. i don’t care what stars wear them. i have never seen any girls wear them and thought, “those high waisted pants really complement her body.” instead, i usually think, “that’s a god damn shame and a travesty.”

i think modern high waisted pants arose from the same lazy thrift store joke fashion movement as hipster shades. i think they are a way of saying “i am neither funny or attractive; i’m wearing these as a half joke, and i’m not sure if they’re the joke half or the serious half,” and i hate that.

you know what i do like? i like people who know how they feel, what they want, what they believe, and aren’t afraid to wear it on their sleeve. i like people who are unequivocal in everything they do, so i know exactly who they are and what they intend — even when they intend to be cryptic. give me that in all aspects of life, in great abundance, and i am a happy camper.

like this guy. prince doesn’t fuck around. he’s so legit and earnest that i can even look past the fucking high waisted pants that appear in this video.


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