shitty xmas decorations

each xmas over the last few years, i’ve noticed more and more crappy giant inflatable xmas lawn decorations that people have bought from wal-mart. i hate em.


spot the white trash house

i don’t mind holiday decorations. what i mind is

  • wal-mart
  • people believing that giant things are automatically awesome, as if size can make up for a lack of quality and originality
  • everyone buying the same generic shit as their neighbours
  • giant inflatables are doomed to pop, get tossed in the trash and taken to the dump, get blown around by the wind, and likely end up in the ocean to become a part of the plastic garbage gyres out there. like the rest of the shit there, the decorations will slowly break down into tiny pieces and be eaten by fish, which will then eaten by us — we will end up eating these fucking stupid decorations yet we will continue to wonder, “why are cancer rates perpetually on the rise?”

we don’t need a cure for cancer. we need to stop happily giving it to ourselves in the first place.

so inflatable holiday decorations just make this season even more depressing and frustrating for me than it was already. hot dog.


happy holidays


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