warm feeling

last night, i went to a christmas party at the old twiss homestead. it was a lovely affair, really classic and traditional. i got some great time in catching up with friends i don’t see often enough, and i left with that wonderful bittersweet feeling that accompanies a great night.


it felt like this looks, and this actually looks a lot like the twiss’ log house at christmas.

an aspect of the night that seems incongruous with that previous paragraph was that trish, carling, and i all talked about feeling bummed recently at events that had all the ingredients for a fab night yet somehow fell short. it was weird that each of us had independently had such similar experiences lately, and i felt bad for both of them because i know how much that sort of thing has bothered me. it sucks to feel shitty.

that wasn’t the whole of our conversations last night though: there was lots of good catching up and joking around, the kind of stuff that you generally only get from relationships with great people that you’ve known for a long time. and in the end, between that quality time with wonderful old friends, the cozy xmas decorations and festive lights, the incredible spread of snacks and desserts, i headed home feeling the warm afterglow of a night that i will always remember fondly — it was a wonderful holiday evening.

and on the way home, i realized that the night had sort of been an opposite version of the surprise bummer nights trish, carling, and i had talked about, in that i had been looking forward to this night but didn’t anticipate feeling this moved by it — i was caught off guard by what an especially good time i had. it was neat to experience this in reverse right after talking so much about surprise bummer nights. and even after realizing it, i was still sort of shocked because it’s not like anything crazy had happened to make it stand out as super special night. i mean, when i told jenn it was a really nice night, i couldn’t give any quick examples of why it was so nice.

i think what it boils down to is that wild, crazy parties and late nights can be super cool, but spending quality time and having genuine connections with people you care about and respect can be just as super cool, even if it doesn’t make for a mind-blowing story.

old friends.


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