star wars, and the transient nature of beauty

so much pissing and moaning, so little time.

i just read that carrie fisher is giving shit to internet trolls who are complaining that she looks like shit in the new stars wars movie. i think it’s great. she’s said some rad things like “Youth and beauty are not accomplishments. They’re temporary happy by-products of time and/or DNA. Don’t hold your breath for either” and “My body is my brain bag, it hauls me around to those places and in front of faces where there’s something to say or see.” well done, miss fisher.




will inevitably become this

i think about this topic all the time. when i see young, beautiful people embracing and reveling in their youth and beauty, feeling powerful and on top of the world, i wish i could show them a picture of themselves in 60 years, 50 years, 40 years…hell, 10 years. your flesh changes quickly. it sags, wrinkles, gets fat. i want to show them this so that they realize how fleeting their youth- and beauty-based joy will be. i think those joys are perfectly valid and worthwhile but i also think they’re shallow and vapid, and i think that’s why i want to ruin them. i can’t help it. plus i just generally love the idea of spreading misery. i want everyone to wrestle with the same horrible truths that i do.

and that’s why it makes me so happy that a big star like carrie fisher just publicly said that stuff. i know the dummies won’t get it, but i applaud fisher’s inadvertent efforts to rain on their parade nonetheless.


and then this

on a related note, jenn and i saw star wars: the force awakens the other night. i was really annoyed by a lot of it but i somehow still liked it a lot (spoiler alert, i’m going to talk about what i hated now). first off, john boyega was a horrible over-actor better suited to YTV kids shows, AND his character in the movie sucks. he is the new jar jar binks. harrison ford’s acting was also 80% garbage. he had a few good lines but was mostly stiff and unbelievable. i don’t know how he un-learned how to act but he did. fisher was even worse than ford. their scenes together totally sucked, they were just brief summaries of what happened between them in the years between episodes 6 and 7, told as the two of them exchange clipped, unnatural, soap opera-ish lines. it was corny as fuck. i hated all the throwback stuff, the trying so hard to emulate episodes 4, 5, and 6 that in the end it just ripped them off. like the father/son good/evil battle on a big futuristic bridge, all the x-wing pilots being the same weird aliens as back in the old films and even looking exactly the same despite everyone else looking 40 years older, the starkill base being nothing more than a bigger version of the deathstar (that’s so ridiculously uncreative), and the strategy to destroy the starkill base being identical to the one used to destroy the deathstar…in those last few ways, i think the force awakens was really just a reboot of return of the jedi. i’m not even a fan of these flicks but i still noticed all these ripoffs so i hope all the megafans notice them too and can admit “yup, that was another cheap ‘remember when’ moment.”

but i did like quite a few things about the force awakens. we saw it in 3D and that was cool, for sure. the special effects were great. i generally hate CGI but it was tolerable in this, and there was plenty of real special effects too, which i prefer by far. i really liked the scale of the old dead empire ships and whatnot on jakku, i really got the sense of how huge they were. i thought daisy ridley was excellent as rey. i liked the fast pace. i loved the ‘supreme leader,’ whatever the hell he was. i liked mark hamill’s short, mute appearance at the end of the film.

ridley (Small)

daisy ridley is beautiful…for now.

when jenn and i walked out of the theater, we both started bitching right away about most of the things i already touched on. we went on at great length and yet, i can’t deny that i really enjoyed the film. despite its many shortcomings, i thought it was really fun and entertaining. i dare say, i’m now looking forward to the next installment. i’m sure i’ll live to regret that.




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