annoying ‘typical men’ modifying the hell out of already perfectly good stuff

i find a lot of stereotypical men have a fucking annoying habit of believing they can make virtually any piece of machinery or technology better. i see it lots on the various car forums i frequent: guys wanting to swap in bigger, more powerful engines; guys wanting bigger brakes to keep up with the bigger engines they swap in; guys wanting to lift their vehicles for more ground clearance. that sort of thing.

i hate that stuff. there are some small things i don’t mind messing with, things that have a good effort-to-result ratio. like installing cup holders. those are super useful, and easy to put in. but swapping in big engines? why would i buy an old station wagon and then spend thousands of dollars and countless hours to shoehorn some giant engine in? i’d buy a sports car if i wanted that kind of power.

even worse is that most guys interested in ‘upgrading’ their cars are boneheads who just want more power or arrogant know-it-all’s who act like the army of japanese engineers who designed the car in the first place were first class idiots. it should come as no surprise that i’ve rarely seen a bonehead or know-it-all actually pull off an engine swap. over 7 years on various car forums, i’ve see those losers horde parts, make grand plans in preparation for the great task ahead, get the engine in but never get it running right…it’s usually just one colossal clusterfuck.

this kind of thing doesn’t always bug me though. there are some guys who pull this sort of feat off, and they generally do it without cumming over themselves. these guys do crazy modifications as a labour of love — they acknowledge it’s not a feasible thing for most people to do but they enjoy the hell out of the challenge, and they rise to it. i like those guys, and i like seeing the work they do. it’s cool to see normal people with far out visions and high standards pull off clean, unique work.

it’s too bad they are a tiny minority. usually, i just see new boneheads and know-it-all’s doing the same dumb stuff, stalling out at the same points that all the other boneheads and know-it-all’s stalled out at before them. when i see that happen, i laugh my ass off at them and go for a victory lap around the block in my stock station wagon.

1989 Toyota Corolla, 4WD

i love you just the way you are, 4wd corolla.


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