paprazzi/TMZ ‘reporters’ are scum

i know this is super old news, that everyone has known this since the dawn of news and entertainment, but i don’t come across it very often so when i do, it blows my mind.

check out this short clip of former guns n’ roses drummer matt sorum brushing off a parasite at the airport.

i hate everything about the person harassing sorum. i hate that he staked out an airport and ambushed sorum. i hate that he acts so friendly and familiar, calling him both matt and sir, while at the same time being rude as fuck by refusing to take a hint and leave sorum alone — what a thin, shameless veneer. i hate how he sucks sorum’s cock by saying superfan/basic bro shit like “what would ‘knocking on heaven’s door’ be without you on the drums?” and “you’re the man!” i hate how he closes the interaction by saying a bunch more false super nice stuff, as if they’re old friends who just had a pleasant back and forth, like “alright matt, well, we look forward to seeing you on the stage, man” and “good luck to you guys, have a great one, man.”

i wonder how that dude sleeps at night. does he feel good about his contributions to this world? is he proud of his ‘job’ and the ‘work’ (i use the terms loosely) he produces?

basically, what kind of a phony, immoral parasite is willing to act like an old friend while straight up harassing someone in public places? to me, it’s pathetic. it’s scum stuff. i would work just about any other job before descending to such lows.

human garbage.


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