everyone is dying

i just read that david bowie died today. that’s a shame. i liked him.


see ya, chap

it seems like we’re currently riding a wave of deaths that is beginning to crash down, like there have been more and more deaths of notable people lately, and the rate that those deaths are occurring is increasing. i’m sure that’s not true but it sure feels like it.

when i was a kid, i remember hearing that chris farley died. he was the first big star that died that actually had an impact on me. before him, sure, i heard that various old talk show hosts had died but what did they mean to me? nothing, i didn’t know them at all. chris farley, he was awesome and spoke to me and every other 13-yr old at the time so i really felt a sense of loss when he died.

it was quite a few more years before another important star to me died. i think the next one that i cared about was dimebag darrel from pantera. bill and i were at evolution when i learned about that one and i was incredulous. it seemed unreal. and since then, important stars die more and more frequently. lemmy just died two weeks ago. scott weiland not long before that. ‘the ultimate warrior’ died in 2014. joe cocker. jeff hanneman from slayer. lou reed. nelson mandela. peter steele from type o negative. on and on. when i was a kid, deaths seemed rare. now people are dropping like flies.

i wonder if this is what it’s like to get old and reach the point where you’re watching your friends drop, one by one. it’s not a terrible thing but it certainly is stark.


i should probably get a suit pretty soon.


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