hallo, spaceboy

last night i watched the french film, fat girl. i wasn’t very into it until a driving scene towards the end where the mother turned on the radio and there was some obnoxious rock music. i thought, “this music is terrible.” but the music continued, and i started to like it.

then i noticed the singer’s voice and thought, “that sounds like david bowie.” but the music didn’t sound like anything i’ve heard bowie do before, although i admit i’ve never followed bowie’s career closely.

so i looked it up afterward and sure as shit, it was bowie. it was a song called the pretty things are going to hell, which is a great title, and could easily be construed to relate to his death yesterday.

the reason i think this is noteworthy enough to write about is that despite his immense popularity and seemingly ubiquitous nature, i rarely stumble across bowie’s work (i guess i don’t watch enough tv or listen to enough classic rock radio). combine that with the fact that he just died, and it was a bit of a ‘huh’ moment for me. what were the chances that i would watch this obscure french film that prominently featured an obscure bowie song, that i would recognize it was bowie, and that this would occur so close to his death? i also think it’s interesting that i only wrote about all the big stars dying after bowie passed, and not when one of my bigger influences like scott weiland or lemmy died.

it’s just funny how things tie together sometimes.


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