last night i watched a flick called under the skin. i had never heard of it before until rid sent me a clip from it as an example of a good use of soundtrack to create an atmosphere in a film. everything about the scene was right up my alley so i was keen to check it out, and it was as great as i had hoped it would be. it was slow, dark, and strange.

but what i liked even more than those qualities was that it didn’t talk too much, didn’t over-explain anything. in fact, if you don’t read any synopsis on it, you will see the film from a totally different perspective than was intended by the author of the original story because the film never actually addresses a particular detail. and i like it that way. it’s a needless detail, it only serves to restrict the audience to seeing the story in one particular way, and i prefer it to be more interpretive than that. so i want to shake the fucking director’s hand and say, “thanks for not spoonfeeding me as if i’m a god damned idiot.”


i love being weirded out, bothered, disturbed, etc

i’m surprised i’ve never heard of under the skin before though. it stars scarlet johansson, and that alone seems like a detail that would garner more attention, regardless of the films various other merits. in fact, the netflix rating was only one star. that had me worried because i’ve seen a few super, super shitty ‘made for netflix’ horror movies and documentaries that have been made on a budget of about $10, and they’re fucking crap. with a 1-star rating, i thought this might be the same. but i guess the only people rating it on netflix are cavemen and philistines, people who can’t appreciate a finely crafted piece of interpretive art. it just goes to show, like i always complain, that you can’t listen to anyone. no one really knows shit.

that includes me. maybe you’ll watch under the skin and think it’s a piece of shit and i’m out to lunch. whatever. i say watch it, but you do whatever feels right to you. just don’t read about it if you are going to see it. go in with no knowledge other than ‘this might be dark and weird and good.’ because that should be enough of a reason to see it.


One thought on “disregard

  1. Yes! It’s one of those true hidden gems on Netflix. I wound up watching it again a few days later, which is something I never do. It occupies the same ‘enjoyed thoroughly’ area of my brain as Eraserhead.

    I agree about the soundtrack too. It took me a while to figure it out, but it’s a hint of microtonality that makes it so otherworldly. You can hear it in how the lead line lingers on a non-note in “love.” I binged on all things mica levi (aka micachu) for days after.

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