perfectly loveless day; how to break in a yoga mat in real life

today has been beautiful, so sunny and crisp. it’s that rare temperature where standing in the sun is actually pleasant, rather than sweltering, scorching, unbearable, etc.

in other words, it was perfect weather to listen to my bloody valentine‘s loveless. so i did, and i loved it. the right music on the right day makes me feel young again, full of hope and love for the world — a welcomed change from my usual outlook — and this was the right combination for today.

in unrelated news, jenn got me my very own yoga mat for xmas. i was really happy about it because i’ve just been borrowing hers since i got into yoga last summer. but when i started using my own mat, i found it was slippery as all hell and made poses like downward dog impossible. i looked up online how to break in new yoga mats and everything i found said stupid shit like “mix 1/4 tsp cinnamon with a cup of vinegar and just a pinch of eye of newt and spray it onto the mat, leave it under the next full moon,” blah blah blah. ok the instructions weren’t quite that obscure but pretty close. the point is, they seemed like way too much work and too weird for what i was trying to achieve. so in the end, i just left the thing out on the living room floor for a week or two and would scuff my feet whenever i walked across it. guess what, that worked perfectly. now i’m using the mat, and i didn’t have to say any prayers to vishnu or any of that other silly bullshit i read online.

i swear to god, yoga hipsters are the most pretentious assholes around.


at least their pants are a good distraction from their annoying bullshit



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